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Just try something!

It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something. – Franklin D. Roosevelt

I had to take a moment to reflect on this particular quote from one of the great leaders in our past.

There’s so much information now in regards to how to; start a business, run a business, market a business, Get this going, get that situated, etc,etc,etc…

You know, if you look at what all of this leads up to, it comes down to generally the same thing…You want something better!

So, there’s your start…SO NOW WHAT? A lot of posts I’ve been seeing lately around the different forums have been to the tune of, “What can I do for this amount of money, how can I get a better idea of what to do, do I do this for a business….blah blah blah…you get the picture.

If you sincerely want something better, there are two easy ways to get going…one, Rob a bank. OR, you can begin to take a look at what it is you do well, or like to do, or can do, whatever, and start to see where it can be used or perhaps needed.

This is meant for the budding entrepreneur that is overwhelmed with information on the “how to”s of starting a business. Look simply put, if you like to knit socks, you’re going to have a hard time selling them unless your particular socks have some kind of need or serious appeal. This doesn’t mean don’t knit socks if this is what you enjoy…GO KNIT! But think on what, who, or where will these “knit socks” be most useful. In Winter? In summer? In the mountains? As filler for snow shoes that just don’t quite fit right? (simply because there’s that annoying little extra space in there that allows your feet to slide enough that you could lose your balance? WHATEVER!

Just be sure of what your little specialty will fulfill before you go off half cocked in thinking you’ve got the next best thing since sliced sausage…(that was on purpose)and then get totally downed because you get laughed out the door of some bank that can’t see the true potential of your great knitting!

This is more of a rant than anything else, but I get annoyed when I start seeing what I like to call “the clueess” start pokin around lookin or SOMETHING to do, and then going back later and telling everyone, “oh that entrepreneur stuff ain’t for mee…I just couldn’t get anyone to buy my stuff..” Sheesh! Be real people.

I have the pleasure of meeting someone that is a total “NO WHINER ZONE” Advocate like myself. If you can’t be positive, hit the road!

His name is Matt La Clear, and I am betting I am going to learn a few great things from this Marketing Guru.

For those truly looking to make something happen in a business, take heed and go find out what is needed in your area, then go fill the need. Once you’ve gotten that far, then go find the specialists that can help you deal with the daily business issues that arise out of being a business owner.

OK nuff said, as the King of Copy would say, “now go sell something.” – Craig Garber