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Just groovin…twittering a little @loicly.

Ok, so the @loic effect has begun. He unfollowed something like 23K in followers to unclutter what he had been following….ummm yeah??!

I think I would do the same. It is an interesting approach, and to someone like myself, that doesn’t want to have to follow and read every tweet all day long,( I do have a job to do you know) I would probably do the same thing just to keep it simply simple.

There are some seriously killer tweeps that follow hardly anyone (@wilw, @charleneli, @ambermacarthur) and have major followings. I guess they have a lot of followers that either followed from their blogs, or just figured that following them they can get some good info, or just a great laugh.

Here’s the thought on this though; the old way of following a ton of people and waiting to see how many follow back, and then trying to figure out who is real and who is a bot, or a service…not the real person is a bit much to deal with. Especially if you’re new…where do you start? You could start at or another tool. However, how do you keep up with everyone? Tweetdeck? Tweet Manager could help you …oh wait. now you just became what the “gurus” are trying to filter out. Damn! How does this work so you have a ton of followers without having to follow so many? Guess we’ll have to plod along until someone finds the next best app when we’ll all be tweeting from our brains ‘at will’, to get everyone’s attention…wait…don’t we have a technology like that already? (implants?)

Personally I like trackin’ down the ones I wanna hear from, and then if they follow back kewl. But mass unfollowing? Is this to be the next big trend? and is this really a good thing? what does this do to Twitter in general? Does this defeat the purpose of what Twitter is for? or was this just the ploy of the Allstar tweeters(@guykawasaki, @scobleizer) to get all they can and just kind of read whatever they want and ….I don’t know….you know? Does that pre-suppose a type of “collateral damage”? (too many tweets going nowhere) Yet, this seems to be a part of’s culture. Seems a bit confusing when there are these others that follow less than ten percent of the number that follows them…fame? purpose?


If there’s to be a trend you would hope that its relevance connecting to relevance, but of course people like being entertained too…so…why are we on twitter again?

We’ll have to really see what the trend leads to. For me? I think that mass following has its purpose, but if I can keep it narrow and focused, I will…not

I love the little pieces of info I can get from certain Tweeters, but I don’t always enjoy the randomness of it. I am glad there are tools and apps that help me to “screen” out the tweets I don’t need or want.

What do you think?

Oh and I’m listening to I think Diana Krall’s been playin “The Look of Love”. Oh nope, it’s Nancy Wilson, “Who Can I Turn To”.

Nice to have music playin while I write…easier to do.