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Action instead of reaction

Interestingly enough I find myself blogging here again. :p

I wanted to focus on a couple of thoughts from some articles online written about capitalism and what its effects have been.

Capitalism has taken a negative connotation to itself via the “croaImagenie” capitalism that has taken its seed in our society. The Negative nature of Capitalism has been brought about by a lot of the political moves by the current administration as favors returned for the support given by private industry to politics. There seems to be a misnomer that capitalism intends only to serve the wealthy 1% of this country. It is, in fact not true. 

Capitalism has served many of the poor in enrichment, literacy, and lifestyle support. The private industry has offered a lot of help with not just wealth in money, but in building schools rebuilding or rehabbing schools and with organizing donations and contributing themselves for the middle and lower class. It’s been by their(the middle class) help as worker bees that a lot of the commerce of trade and enrichment of lives that capitalistic models have contributed to the good of many.

It is unfortunate that Capitalism has taken on such a negative connotation. In and of itself, its pure intent is to create competition and in the end the consumer benefits and the winning business keeps its doors open. Through proper commerce and innovation new products are offered and the market place is served economically well. There are people that do see where this is abused and the only ones that seemingly benefit are the “1%”. That said it is brought on as of late by the mainstream media that simply does not wish to encourage capitalism as they are seemingly leaning towards a different philosophy that enlists the government as not just a solution to the troubles of commerce but a resolution that it’s the only way to resolve the issues of capitalism. When looked at closer it begins to look like Socialism or communism.

The true resolution would lie in disallowing croanie capitalism and allowing for true commerce without special interest to operate. This would mean that payoffs and back room deals would have to be found out and stopped immediately. This of course is just not possible as it is near impossible to tell when those things are happening. Rumors abound but the manpower needed to battle that would be immense as well as the resources. A different resolution may be in order which would be a longer term plan to teach and raise a new breed of capitalists. A breed of these new capitalists that would still work together but for the betterment of commerce and trade where there is a win win win win win situation.

Here’s a link to an article that talks about one of the ways that this can be fixed:

CEO John Mackey has a great take on what needs to be done. If we can begin to teach this as a philosophy, this writer believes that there could be an effective change. 


1) All businesses need a higher purpose. “Money is not what drives most entrepreneurs,” he says. “What drives most entrepreneurs is some kind of dream. Business will never be trusted if all it talks about is maximizing profit.”

2) Business must create value for everyone that trades with it. “We’re so hooked up to the win-lose dynamic,” he says. “The most amazing thing about capitalism is that it’s not a zero-sum game. It’s a win-win-win-win-win. Business must create value for customers that trade with it.”

3) We need a new type of leader. “Ultimately, you cannot create a conscious business unless the leadership is conscious with it,” he says. “We need more servant leaders who are dedicated to serving the stakeholders.” 

4) We have to create company cultures that are humanistic and empowering. “Conscious businesses have trusting cultures,” he says. “They tend to be more authentic and caring.”

With the economy now rebounding and still a lot of tensions filling the air about whether or not the economy is truly experiencing a recovery, this is a mark to begin following. Many will be against this as they want to keep the current model, but in order to change what’s really going on these suggested changes are definitely a great start.

What do you think?



Consumers are in control…you just figured this out when?

Just read in Yahoo Business News today that Wall Street is finally acknowledging that consumers, not capitalists, not republicans, not democrats, not international business, not anything other than “CONSUMERS” are in control of things. Right here, right now, we are standing in the midst of a transference of wealth. What shall we do to make it effective so we, the “market consumers” can benefit?

Many will see an opportunity and will find a need and fill it. The economy is about to return to a service base rather than a product or “latest advanced toy” basis. We have become so comfortable with ourselves, that our innovative nature took a back seat to comfort creature mentality and has set us back about ten years.

Here’s the point; if Wall Street is finally acknowledging that consumers are in control and many of the “big boys” are the ones that are the most affected, we have a chance to say, “Ok. No more crap. Let’s get this country back on the road by making sure you’re producing things that are smart. Not just the latest toy, but the latest innovations that prove we can produce just as well just as inexpensively, and let’s make sure we support the ones that do.”

Enough of being led like blind sheep as consumers we have a choice in where the money flows, let’s make wiser choices and effect the right change.

Here’s an example; Hyundai came to this country with a product that was cheap and built pretty cheaply by my standards. They banked…quite well. They turned around and took that and now produce a luxury vehicle that rivals our old friends BMW and Mercedes, and are competing. We as consumers told the other two that rest on their reputations and history, it no longer matters about your name, I want a car I can enjoy and I’m not paying huge bucks for it. I mean really, $400 for a brake job? and only the fronts? Sorry, I’ll go with a well developed smart car that gets major mileage and is light on my wallet.

Since the consumer market is holding a lot of its discretionary income close to home, businesses have to find new ways to market to us to get us to come spend. Else not we will continue to watch the downward spiral of the economy til well into the next decade.

We have Wall Street’s attention, I say we keep it and make something of it by showing them through our voice…our wallets…that we will only support those that will support us wuth better services and products. Now is the time, make it count.