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If you’re not ready….they will be!

Well this was posted around Facebook and a few other places today, so why not here?


Look here’s the skinny…year’s end is upon us…so what have you done to plan for the next round? Your competition is trying to squash you so they can corner the market(even if it never happens the point is).


You have to have something in place so you can get ahead and leave “them” behind. If you can’t do that, you might as well close your doors.


So what is below is a toolkit my friend created for small business owners to fend off the big dawgs trying to out advertise you. Heck in some cases you could get some better prices for your marketing if you do it right. You might even get some free publicity…but you won’t get anything if you don’t start planning NOW.


But to do it, you’ll need to get this stuff in your hot little hands or on your computer so you can absorb the info and start the planning process….Don’t let the rest of the year go by with,”It was seasons…” as an excuse.


Keep it rolling!

When was the last time a prospect called YOU with money in hand to do business?  Did you know that, with just one minor change to your marketing message, you can double or even triple your responses?


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Check this out: and start marketing like a pro today!


Business Etiquette…do you really need to get that?

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Phone Etiquette Business Busters

By supdotbiz in CEO Corner on Tuesday, November 04, 2008 3:50 PM

Is talking on the phone as natural to you as walking? Think your biggest issue is how to find free internet phone calls? Well, free internet phone calls or not, you could be killing your business without even knowing it. Here are some important tips adapted from John Edwards’ article “Phone Call Mistakes – Ten Ways Not the Answer the Phone”.

Tip #1: Don’t Answer in Meetings

The best practice is to turn off your phone completely in meetings, so you’re not distracted by looking at who called, and so you don’t appear rude to meeting participants. Even if your phone is on vibrate, it is still considered unprofessional not be entirely “present” in the meeting. When talking to a customer, don’t pick up the phone. Your customer will feel slighted and unappreciated.

Tip #2: Return Calls within 4 Hours

Return missed calls and voicemails promptly, even if to say that you’re working on getting an answer and will revert as soon as you have the information. Every four hours, call the customer and leave a voicemail updating them that you are still waiting on certain information. Keep it short and sweet but make sure they know you haven’t forgotten.

Tip #3: Empty Your Voicemail Box

Make sure to empty your voicemail box regularly. If a customers or potential customers can’t reach you, and then can’t even leave a voicemail, they may decide not to call back. Their lives are busy too, and you have to be accessible to them. If you’re this hard to get ahold of, what would happen if they have a problem?

Tip #4: Beware of Automated Phone Systems

Automated phone systems are impersonal and frustrating. If you need to use one, make it very simple for a customer to speak to a live person without having to listen to a lot of options.

Tip #5: Tailor Your Greeting

Make sure your voicemail greeting is clear, professional, and appropriate for your industry. Stay away from music and jokes, even if “relevant” to your industry, as you want to convey the message that you are the ultimate professional and 100% dedicated.

Tip #6: Keep Your Composure

Everyone gets nasty calls from time to time. But when you lose your calm and appear even slightly annoyed, your customer will notice and it is a business killer. Try to mentally focus on an image of a very nice person who had something really bad happen to them today. Tell yourself that it is not you, and that you need to deliver the best possible customer service to help their day improve.

Tip #7: Don’t Eat or Chew Gum

Let your voicemail pick up instead. Munching sounds completely unprofessional.

Tip #8: Don’t Answer without the Proper Greeting

Have too many phones? Make sure to give each a distinct ring so you don’t accidentally answer your business phone with a simple “hello.”

Tip #9: Don’t Ignore Calls

If a customer has taken the time to call you, she wants you to pick up quickly.

Tip #10: Don’t Speak Loudly in Noisy Places

Get to a quiet place before picking up. Let it go to your voicemail if you have to, then get to a quiet place and promptly call back.

Mr. Edwards’ full article can be found at