Hello. I am a long time Marketing and Promotions entrepreneur who has moved mostly through the realm of entertainment both as a performer and a professional. However, since 2004, I’ve branched out into other marketing realms to include; resort sales, sports promotions, advertising and media.

Lately I have been studying the Social Media marketing concept and its effectiveness on generating and creating new business.

I want to inform businesses on how effective “Small budget” marketing tactics can be of benefit and look for some of the trends that go with marketing through these Social sites.

Currently I work with Corporate  Rain Makers, LLCas their VP of Marketinng and Business Development Coordinator. Corporate Rain Makers, LLC is a Nevada based Corporation working on two projects at current. As I help with those two projects I still find time to work with professionals on Business Etiquette Training, and consulting on Business  Development.

My zeal for new marketing trends and new products or services causes me to be on the hunt in a host of sites and publications looking for the next bit of info that only a few may know of, but would benefit the small business owner as much as the Big Business Executive.

The marketing realm needs to share information with the business owner and I intend to get that out there. There is always a need for a good marketing company to do the big jobs too, but if you can share info and educate the potential client, they will have an easier time understanding what we as professionals are offering to potential customers.


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    • mikanui on

      What do you need me to do? I work with Corporate Rain Makers, LLC in Las Vegas, NV and am VP of Marketing and Business Development. Let me know how I can help.

  1. NAPU BORJA on


    I would love to speak with you regarding Marketing and Business Development for my company Global Unity Communications and our Video Phones in the Las Vegas area. Please contact me at your best convenience.


    Best regards,

    Napu Borja
    Global Unity Communications

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