Empire Avenue…what a rush!


So here’s the skinny, in order to verify a blog, I have to add the string above to be sure it’s my blog and it’s real…

Well there’s the string…now what?

Well, honestly, since I’m on a lunch break I’ll write something useful.

To be able to increase visibility out in the marketplace a lot of small businesses are taking the road map most traveled…might not be the best idea.

Look to see where your market hangs out the most. (go where the ducks are in the pond)

Principles of marketing don’t change, just the modes, and methods. You still need to be in their heads as often as possible to build the trust and brand. Once that is in then you have to find a way to be sure it gets automated so you’re not tied to your business.

I’ve been thinking lately on starting to become a business efficiency expert since a lot of people are so good with creating new tools, but not necessarily the map…

Tyler Garner of Infusionsoft recently talked on the subject of how to monetize social media. his point was true for any marketing that you engage, there has to be a map or you will go nuts.

Take the time to write it out or plan it with software that will help you get a map drwan according to your goals and then figure out what tools will help you get there the quickest.


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