PP what?

So I have been having a conversation with a new friend on facebook that related to how PPC and online marketing works. With how fast everything is moving and how much innovators are getting ahead, there are a lot that are being left behind.

He chooses attraction marketing for his online business and I have to admit it has its merits to a certain degree. I have had that conversation with a few marketers. The conventional ones like the new stuff and want to figure out the latest and greatest. Seemingly though the rest of the world is slowly catching up and certain “outdated” methods are just now beginning to take effect. (it boggles me that it takes so long for many to realize and accept what marketing is bringing to the table and then to respond to it taking even longer…oh well, human kind)

Here’s an excerpt from that conversation:

Media buying in the “Google” realm can be a bit daunting to some. I am certified with my company in PPC, and it works well provided you take the time to learn the intricacies of it and then use it creatively. It’s truly the only way you can get ahead, and if you do it right, it can turn out a real profit.

SEM / SEO is a different beast even though they are keyword driven as well. They can prove to do some real justice to a business owners bottom line, but can get really pricey. Together they work hand in hand to create relevancy and freshness in Google’s realm and it can really help drive traffic…again, IF you take the time to learn it right.

There are some good tricks that you can use that the attraction and affiliate marketers use to get into the right spots on the content networks that have proven on more than one occasion that Google is still the way to go.(this is a given by most that Google is the only way to go, heck they created this whole PPC thing right?)

Attraction marketing is the “long funnel” marketing model that can be really effective when done with diligence and persistence. As you have found, it can be a great help in generating the kind of traffic you may be looking for. As for the honesty of pics, be assured you will run into a few that are not so open about who they really are, even business owners sometimes are a bit shy to let out their identities on facebook, linkedIn, etc.

Don’t want to get into a long drawn out blah blah about online marketing, but this is where everything has headed, and will continue to head until someone comes up with something else.

What do you think?


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  1. Marie-Dominique De Lyon-Thierry on

    I am still figuring all this Google thing out myself so have nothing new to share with you about online marketing, so far….until I learn more.
    As for the business owners who are being shy with their identities on Facebook, etc, they had better do something about that as to me it seems they are being dishonest, so if they are doing this because of shyness, they had better brave up for their own PR…I don’t trust a connection without a real face photo on it. If they must show their logo or business premises, there are photo folders for that.
    If they need confidence, send them to me…I’ll point them in the right direction 😉

    • mikanui on

      A lot of what Google wants you to know is right in their training section for google adwords certification.

      That being said, they don’t give you as much as some of the Affiliate marketers that have their own PPC training program do, and they do have some really good stuff. There are tricks to driving very targeted traffic to your site or business…just gotta find them out, but more over, I was talking about some of the other advancements in online marketing. There are blogs on email marketing showing acceptable practices and then there are some not so accepted but since grey workable solutions to get your emails read…

      Things like that and other normal channels of crowd sourcing, new banners advertising, content network tricks to getting into gmail and stuff.

      As you go around the media, you’ll see the new tricks and new stuff coming up through mobile marketing, behavioral targeting, etc.

      • Marie-Dominique De Lyon-Thierry on

        Should be interesting getting some more feedback from others’ comments and what they have to contribute to the topic…. might learn something new to get targeted traffic to one’s site! 🙂

  2. Jim Lillig on

    Actually Google did not invent PPC, Overture was one of the first and then Yahoo bought them.

    The most successful affiliates I have run across do one or two strategies very well and they stick with that. They do not get sidetracked by the latest and greatest Google tricks, nor do they wander too far from what they have established works for them.

    The most unsuccessful affiliates are the ones who try everything and buy everything from every marketer out there. Staying focused in the supreme task for online marketers because there are like 100 different ways to market products online. Finding one or two key strategies and sticking with them always pays off better than a scattershot approach.

    • mikanui on

      Hey Jim,

      Thanks for the helpful insight, and just in case anyone really wants to know how this whole “search” thing started, go read Search by John Battelle. Good reading, and will give you the history and truth about what Search is and how it got its start.

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