The three “R”s…

Recently Cory Treffiletti, president and managing partner for Catalyst SF, wrote a quick article on the three “R”s of marketing, and got things back to basics.

To go over them real quick they are; recency, resonance and relevance.

Recency is the amount of time that passed since the last time your particular target market saw or heard from you. Resonance is how you rang in their ear…did you make an impressino? Did you get their attention?

And then relevance…were you what they were looking for? If not at that time, now? Do you still have relevance in their mind?

A lot of times we think everyone should have what we’ve got to offer, and forget that a return on customer is a constant changing or adapting to what your customer or client needs at that time.

I was asked once what my definition of Quality was, after a bit of thought, I answered, “The best possible product or service given to the customer at that moment in time.” It could have been by most terms described as a cowardly answer as it seems to take no solid stance or no real posture to relevancy. I beg to differ though, if you have a mind set to adapt to what your customer wants when they want it, your competitor however strong a brand they may be, may lose that customer or client to you simply because you resonated in their ears a lot more than the familiar brand they are used to and with a product or service that is the one niche they are loking for, Can this be a curse too? yes, let’s be honest you have to have something that everyone will associate you with as far as a brand they can recognize or identify with.

An advantage to being that type of “quality” though, is the ability to adapt to your suctomers needs through constant metrics and testing to see what your market is looking for and giving it to them at that moment in time, There are some Business Intelligence tools that can help with that, and then sometimes it will take a bit more of just watching and listening to the marketplace to see what everyone wants or needs. Get in front of them and make your offering.

All in all though making sure your three “R”s are in order and continual, your business stands to profit the most when everyone knows you have what they want. Driving behavior is the key. If you can effect mass re-programming, you stand to profit well!

Find yours and Keep it Rolling!


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  1. Luz on

    Beautifully said, brilliant, bright! It is the sequence and the rythm of the sequence. The three together put all your cells in coherent conversation and all your cells to transmit the magnetic message of coherence! I love it. Thanks so much. It resonates so much with my work. It is in the between places, the acknowledgment where the mind stops thinking and allows the interruption that will resonate with their gut, is going to be relevant to their lives and will have the recency of the present moment. Three Soul Authority Openers.
    A big hug my dear, I acknowledge your vision

  2. Linky on

    Well said. Everything I learned about online marketing during the past year, underlines that approach of Recency, Resonance and Relevance. If you can get that right consistently, you will be successful in any business.

  3. John Kaye on

    I’m understanding, just briefly skimming your blogs, that you’re looking for remedies to the economic downturn of our future. I am having a hard time reading through all the blogs because I have so much to do. I do know that the best way to success is to pick one thing that you’re good at and apply the 3 P’s to it. Passion, Persistance, and Patience. I’m a Realtor, Musician, and Actor. Love all that I do, but my passion is Music, my money is Real Estate, and my amusement is Acting !!! Keeps life exciting !!!

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