Where’s the money flowing…

Seth Godin makes a real interesting point on his latest blog; where the money is there you’ll find the people working.

Interesting to me that it starts as an end still and then the means justifies it. (almost sounds like the torture debate going on right now)

Here’s a tag to Mr. Godin’s point; if there is money to be made you can well believe that someone is going to be searching for it.

He wrote that things change around once there’s money to be made in any particluar field. He related it to writers becoming publishers which is the reverse of what was. (When the Writer Becomes the Publisher / Seth Godin – 05/2009)

It would seem pretty logical that once the public wants something, they are willing to pay for it, so what is it that you have that they are willing to pay for? What message can you get across to them to tell them what you have is what they need? Many times I see “the best blah blah” or “Number 1 blah blah in the state” C’mon, do you really think that is going to attract attention? If it does, I’d be pretty surprised. Nowadays it’s just not enough. Mr. Godin back in 2003 made refernece to being remarkable(the purple cow). If you have a pizz,a shop fine, so does almost every other coner strip mall, what makes yours so different?

Here in Las Vegas, NV , a local pizza chain by the name of Metro pizza decided to become the “purple cow” of the valley by holding pizza making classes. Their pizza is great, but now they are the teachers of pizza making, and it’s doing very well. People are paying for classes and more are hearing by word of mouth how great their pizzas are. Do you think they can charge a bit more because of that?

Here’s the bottom line: You have to find the flow of money where it is moving and get in front of it. It’s the one time you want to get run over by the flood. Even if you can’t handle it you’ll have known what is was like and can most likey prepare for it better next time. Pizza makers to pizza making teachers,writers becoming publishers, what else can you think of that would set you apart and find you more income for your business through the right marketing message?

Keep it rolling!


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  1. Mark on


    The problem I keep encountering is that I need some money to position myself in front of the big money.

    I have successfully located where it’s moving several times, but now to get in front … that’s the trick!

    • mikanui on

      What strategies have you employed so far in finding capital? (conventional or investment) Does your type of business qualify for grant assistance? Small business loans? Other investment types? I have done a lot of prospecting with no paper in hand and gotten monies with an idea, you can too. You just need to know your stuff and find the right person that will believe in you. Else not, there are guerrilla tactics you can use to get in front of the money and siv off a small portion enough to reinvest and get further into the pool. (If you know what I mean)

      Point, find a way, there’s always at least two.

      • Mark on

        Quote: You just need to know your stuff and find the right person that will believe in you.

        What does that mean?

        Quote: there are guerrilla tactics you can use to get in front of the money.

        Such as …

  2. Tracy Washington on


  3. James on

    Yes. I agree! Where there is money to be made, there will be many business people trying to get it. Making one different from the crowd/the purple cow and unique should bring in the crowds or at least get you alot of followers loyal to your unique Brand and Company!

    James Pham
    EnlighTea Cafe

  4. Debra Ward on

    There is money out there. If you have three years of operation and positive revenue growth, the SBA has plenty of money. If you are a start-up you really do need to find those who believe in you and are willing to take the ride along with you.

    You are as good a risk as the market right now. People are looking for you. Free your mind and your ideas so that you meet those people. You will move forward and thrive.

    • mikanui on

      SO WHat can a business person do if they don’t have that? What other means of operating capital can they expect to find?

      Let’s get unconventional with our thinking on this one gang…new ideas come from strange circumstances and “out-of-the-box” thinking.

  5. Mark on

    Would it be possible to get a credit to finance a business premises + a little extra as startup capital for a business & cover costs renting out the property? … hmmm …

    I had loads of other ideas, but after all that work something went wrong and I lost my work, because I forgot to add name, email, etc …. ARRGGGH

  6. Dan on

    I am a Realtor in Lakeland Florida who is also on the board of directors of the local Real Estate Investors Association. I am surrounded by limitless opportunity to make money if I can find others who have funds to invest. I have connections to REO properties from lenders who price them right from day 1 and most of them sell within the first few days they are on the market.
    I am looking for private lenders, Equity partners, or just investors who want to utilize me to get them great deals.
    As Warren Buffett says “Bad news is an investors best friend.” Where has there been worse news than in Florida Real Estate? A record number of millionaires are going to be made in Florida real estate over the next few years. How do you get people to get past the doom and gloom news media and see the opportunities? I know that once I get a couple of well funded private lenders that the profits they make will have them telling all their friends and family to bring me more and more business. What I want to know is how do you get the first ones to take that leap of faith in a climate like we have today?

    • mikanui on

      A good start is to begin thinking of a connections program and target associations that have real estate savvy investors that don’t have the doom and gloom mentality. Stress the bad news is the great news for a smart investor, then watch the nay sayers walk and the eccentric come close and say, “go on.. I’m listening”…THIS IS WHERE YOU GET EM!

      Realize though that you will be fighting an uphill battle when it comes to the track record that this market has produced. What you can do though is take a look at historical figures and show that the best times to have gotten in were historically when times were just like this. You have to be the cheerleader for now, you will have more when the time is right. Let people know you don’t strike when the iron’s hot, you make the iron hot then you strike!

      Don’t allow the doom & gloomers get to you, move on to the next one and the next one. This is a time when perseverance is going to pay off. You’ll only need a few clients that realize a decent profit to start being your cheerleaders before you begin the referral cycle.

      It will be the hunt that you’ll need to stick to until you find that one that everyone else thinks is nuts to do anything in this market that you will find the next millionaires in real estate.

      You’re right about one thing there will be some new ones, and if you stick to it, you will be the one to find them. By the way what kind of good deals are out there?

  7. Chris O. on

    Have you considered that the money is flowing where people exchanging business with each other?


    Chris O.
    Referral Key
    “Your Trusted Referral Network”

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