Wi-fitv launches!

So there’s this company called Wi-fitv.com that is offering a tool that is like YouTube on Steroids.

The concept is simple really; any business, organization, or individual can now own their own online “tv” station.

This is definitely a step in a new direction away from antiquated mareting strategies that have ben in place for so long, and the fact that most everything is headed to the internet anyway, it’s about time that tv did too.

This is in effect a great tool for any business, organization, or even individuals that want to have an internet presence either live or pre-recorded.

With the release of Wi-fitv.com and it’s ability to get a station up and running in literaly a couple of hours without technical savvy, multiple ways to monetize your station,(pay per view/advertising, etc)you now have a YouTube on Steroids.

This will prove very beneficial even to those that don’t have their own website as this will act as a minisite right off the bat. IT can be integrated or used as a stand alone.

Point: You now have access to the rest of the country or world…live.

For the cost of about a cup of Starbuck’s a day, you can have this up and fully functional and ttally under your control. so long as you keep within their terms of use, your station will broadcast just fine.

This is one of the new tools found out there in Web 2.0…what will be next?




2 comments so far

  1. Ed Arroyo on

    OK, Michael,
    So you’ve got me nibbling…
    I don’t want a sales call, but do want the details.
    Where can I get them?
    Went to the site, says little, mostly hype. Yet, the pitch is to buy a stake in WiFiTV, right?

    • mikanui on

      ummm. no. If you go and request more info that’s were you would be redirected to watch a pre-recorded webinar.

      It’s about 9 min 33 secs or so. It will give you all the info about owning your own Wi-fiTV station online. IT is anew marketing tool that any company organization or individual can use.

      Hop on that and you can see more there. If you need help, call me. I don’t do sales calls.

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