Open mic..speak up!

Hey gang! So much has been goin on lately that I’ve kinda fallen behind. I apologize for that, and promise to keep up a bit better.

In fact, I’m going to have some guest writers posting about sales and marketing.

They will be young in some cases, some will be veterans…just keep an eye out. Every bit can be of benefit to you whether from  the seasoned vet or from the college intern. (Yeeeess I’ve learned some stuff from them too)

Today though, I wanted to do an ‘open mic’ talk about sales and marketing.

I’d like to know:

What do you do when you approach  a new concept? Where do you take it from there?

How do you formulate a ‘position’ on a new product? Once formulated, how long does it take to get it to market? Does your marketing plan introduce the product as it is ready or do you ‘pre-launch’?

What experiencecs have you had? Successes? Failures?

How did you recover from the hard ones?

Did the good ones last? How long?

This is really a means for you to ‘discuss’ what you found as good and not so good in your experience. I’m not asking for company names or product specifics. You can be vague and general to protect the innocent…lol

I would like some honest input though and perhaps I can take one or two of the examples and stretch them for everyone to see how those experiences can benefit their profession or business.

Keep it rollin!


2 comments so far

  1. Chris Desouza on

    Marketing is not just about generating numbers and sales. For far too long, this predatory approach has ruined the landscape with greed and malaise with no regard to the consequence imposed on those who placed their trust on those marketers to change their fortunes even in the slightest form.

    If one is not marketing with a purpose, one is simply scavenging. It is time we appreciate the buyer as someone to respect and spread prosperity upon rather than seek them as bait.

    Just my 2 cents.

    • mikanui on

      Umm…I’m not sure what I said to trigger this, but if anyone ever thinks of positioning or branding as an effect to scavenge rather than service, or solve a problem, or fill a true need….then yeah I gotta agree with Chris on this one. And Chris, Your two cents is definitely worth the full dollar! here’s the point of the questions I asked: Why? How? and What expected result do you expect or did you get?

      Once you get to the ones that ended up negative, I think you’ll find Chris’ comment applies. Case in point, Motrin did a commercial for mothers that carried babies in those harnesses that hang from the front. Touting that if you caan’t handle the baby, take a motrin and that would solve it. (If it was someonoe elses deal feel free to correct)

      First off, bad choice to choose moms in this way. Second, guess you don’t know the love of a mother too well do you? Motrin pulled the commercial after the first week of hell came through the phone calls…any thoughts on how much longer before the calls stopped. There was no real end in mind except to “Drive sales”. Bad call.

      So, again if you hve some examples, please comment. Thanks again Chris.

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